Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tennis match vs. Israel behind closed doors in democratic Sweden

Sweden’s Davis Cup tennis match against Israel in Sweden’s Gaza – Malmö next month will be played behind closed doors.

The police can’t guarantee the security in Sweden and surrender to terrorists and left-wing extremists. The decision to play the match without audience was taken with public safety in mind.

Large demonstrations are expected because there are a large amount undemocratic people who are threatening with violence. They and Sweden have really succeeded. Soon it will be total anarchy.


  1. Wow. I didn't know that I was an 'undemocratic' person... Seriously, the state of Israel ain't nothing better than South Africa during apartheid and should be given the same treatment.

    There is only on solution for peace and that is one state.

  2. Oh, I hit a sensitive spot. So you’re threatening with violence?

  3. Wow. What have South Africa and one state to do with a tennis match in Sweden? Sport and religion are separate things. Only a bigoted person with a black soul can come up with sad arguments like that.