Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweden sticks to Multicuturalism

Welcome to the New Sweden. Why do you work when you can get tax-free money?

Cleaners threatened and robbed by young robbers armed knife and pistol

Landskrona: The two cleaners, a man and a woman in their 50s and 60s, were robbed at their work shortly after 6 o'clock on Wednesday morning.

Axe robbers hit barbershop

Södertälje: A barbershop was robbed shortly after 6 o’clock on Monday evening by two masked young men.

The men spoke Syrian and were very threatening to staff and customers in the salon.

Axe robbers threatened patrol station staff

Two men and a woman were actually arrested on suspicion of robbery in Järvsjö.

Bank robbed by men armed with axe and pistol

Adam Demurchi became witness to the robbery in Helsingborg:

“I noticed when two robbers ran out, but I wasn’t afraid. You know, we are from Landskrona and are used to it," he said.

Woman injured in robbery

A woman was injured on Monday evening in connection with an armed robbery at a shop in Änggården. The woman was wounded in the head and bled heavily.

The four masked robbers got money from the cash register and disappeared from the site.

Left-wing extremists are attacking stores

Södertälje: Left-wing extremist’s urges fire jihad on stores which sell American goods with reference to the superpower’s entry into Iraq.

The traces are leading to the left-wing network Global Intifada, Sweden’s security police SÄPO says.

Three elderly women had their wallets stolen in different stores

Three elderly women had their wallets stolen in three different stores in Landskrona on Tuesday. The women are in their 80s and 90s

Armed robbery at kiosk in Bollnäs

Three men with knifes threatened the staff - a man and a woman.

They got away with around 20 000 SEK in cash.

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