Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Social Democrats are the real racists in Sweden

I immigrate to Sweden when I was about 6 years old. My grandfather was an elected politician (Social Democrat). He and Olof Palme, the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic party from 1969 until his assassination 1986, were leading demonstrations together.

Social Democrats always deny being racists; but the reality is something completely different.

The fact is that almost every racist I’ve met is Social Democrat. For example Politicians, employees, football players and students.

Many think that politics is black and white. The newspapers are writing that racism only exist on the right side. That is the image being shown and people who don’t know better believe it. I believed it too before I opened my eyes. This is being used by leftists, although they know that there are plenty of racists among them.

The first day I came to Sweden, people on the street stood gaping at me and my sister. We were wearing strange clothes and didn’t look as Swedes at all. Young as old were pointing and laughing at us. Later I heard that almost everyone of them were Social Democrats. Between 60-70 percent were Social Democrat voters in the village throughout the period I lived there. There were no Swedish Democrats at that time and it weren’t many Conservatives either.

The humiliation continued at school and both I and my sister were bullied for years - by Social Democrats.

Don’t forget that Social Democrats are participating among other racists in demonstrations. Muslims who want to exterminate Jews and non Muslims. That is Racism too. To bad people don’t know better. They make it easy for themselves when they are only blaming the right. The fact is that I don’t know any Swedish Democrat who has harmed me but I know a whole lot of Social Democrats who has and still are because I’m immigrant.

The Swedish Social Democratic Party is in crisis. All the time, they are trying to mislead anyone with pure lies, straight from the Social Democrat’s headquarters.

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