Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Democracy and freedom in Sweden – for whom?

Swedish police are guilty of a cowardly failure to address the problem. They can’t resist the Media which call the police racists every time an immigrant gets arrested, even if immigrants are overrepresented in serious crimes. Newspapers abroad (for example Norway and Denmark) are writing about immigrants who commit crimes, even though it is the same owner as the Swedish newspapers. In a democracy the public should know the truth, but newspapers in Sweden are hiding it. That IS NOT a democratic system.

Swedish media never writes about perpetrator’s signalment, when they are clear and points to immigrants. But it’s fine with a blonde Swede who has blue eyes. Isn’t that racism?

The other day you could read in a newspaper about an immigrant family which had to move because of racism. The fact is that they were harassed by other immigrants, NOT by Swedes as the newspapers want you to think.

What about the thousands of Swedes who have fled Södertälje? Many of them fled because of racism from immigrants. Not a word about this in the Swedish newspapers.

To those who say that “immigrants are worth as much as we are,” Why is that used as an excuse to make the Swedish people worth less?

To those who say “They haven’t got it easy,” I have to argue that their victims have it worse.

I’m not born in this country either, but that doesn’t mean I rape, rob or rally with terrorists. They are Islamists who don’t want to adapt. Instead they desire death and want to take you with them.

It is no secret that the Swedish police are afraid of Muslims who can continually harm our society and injure its citizens. It happens daily in many towns in Sweden. Be aware, you could be called racist by immigrants and newspapers which are far leftist all of them in Sweden. They can not be called racists, although it is them who are exterminating non Muslims. Democracy and freedom in Sweden – for whom?

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