Sunday, February 8, 2009

The New Sweden - Firecrackers against Israeli manifestation in Malmö

Photo: Sydsvenskan

The troublemakers take every chance they get. The Al-Sharkawi family are sounding like they are Hamas. They claim that they’ve more right to exist than others do, on a demonstration for freedom of assembly. Now it’s time for them to adapt to the civilization, and accept that there are other people in this world too.

How can Sweden welcome people here, who think they’ve more right to exist than others? With that kind of thinking, Sweden will have only itself to blame in a couple of years.

Without saying it straight out, the police says that if the Pro-Palestinians would reach any of the shops, they would smash the windows. That says quite a lot about the barbarians.

Sydsvenskan reports: A manifestation for Israel and freedom of assembly began at 2 o’clock in Malmö. The atmosphere is a mess and very spiteful. Pro Palestinians are disturbing the speeches by throwing firecrackers. The police have taken away several Pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

A rocket, launched by the rocket scientists, interrupted the last Israel manifestation in Malmö. Now they’ve fired fireworks against the Pro-Israeli demonstrators again, and fought against police.

Riot Fence has been set up to block the town square. Only people who will take part in the demonstration are allowed in.

Therefore, no one can enter the stores, which are still open at the big town square.

“It is better than the shops get their windows smashed,” said a police officer who is standing at the blockade.

84-year-old holocaust survivor Lea Gleitman from Malmö is on the site to say her meaning.

“Last time it was a demonstration, I had to flee as a criminal. I got a rock on my shoulder and was in pain for a week,” she said.

When the speaker Birgitta Ohlsson went up on the podium, the speech got disturbed by Pro-Palestinian demonstrators, which fired fireworks and firecrackers.

Several Palestine flags are showed among the Pro-Palestinians and a placard with the text “Thanks for last time – fucking pigs”. Anwaar Al Sharkawi is among the Pro-Palestinians with his daughter Fatima.

“I’m against the state Israel – There’s no state that is called Israel. Sure, the Israel’s government is not here – but the people here support them,” said Anwaar Al Sharkawi.

The daughter replies:

“I care about my country. We’ve more right to be here than them,” said, Fatima Al-Sharkawi.

FACT/MANIFESTATION for Israel and freedom of assembly and freedom of speech for everybody
The following paroles were used.
Freedom of assembly – for everybody
Freedom of speech – for everybody
Israel’s right to exist

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