Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bassem Quaj and Quissem Quaj will be banished

Notice the police Ola Andersson when he takes the credit for finding the perpetrators so quickly with a tracker dog. At the same time, he is thanking the public for their help.This is a possible course of events: The public guided the police to the Swedish migration board. Then the police brought a tracker dog who sniffed its way to the perpetrators.

"Bassem Quaj born 1988-08-05 and Quissem Quaj born 1985-01-02, citizens in Tunisia, sentenced to one year in prison for the robbery they’ve committed on Ania’s stand in Mariannelund.

They are banished from Sweden until December 30, 2013, and shall pay restitution to Ania’s stand ($300) and to the Swedish shop assistant (about $1300).

Course of events

Bassem Quaj och Quissem Quaj needed money and violently forced the shop assistant, who worked alone, to open the safe containing $140. Before they left, they took a phone which they thought was an alarm device.

They claimed that they needed money for food, because they’ve bought hygiene products for the money they had got from the Swedish migration board.

Were arrested soon after the robbery

Several police squads, including a tracker dog, investigator and technician, went to the site after the course of events.

“Thanks to excellent work, the two men were arrested a couple of hours later, after being tracked down by a tracker dog.” Said Ola Svensson, at the search unit of Höglandet.

”We’d like to thank the public for their help, with the information that made it possible to apprehend the perpetrators” Said Ola Svensson.”

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