Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tumult at mass deportation

About 50 people were deported from Landvetter to Iraq during Thursday forenoon.

The asylum movement was on the site to try to stop the deportation, when the police arrived in 8 police vans and about 80 police officers, plus ambulances and emergency services.

The demonstrators tried to stop the hired bus by lying in front of it, but were taken away by the police.

Over 200 people to deport 50 people.

In addition to the deported onboard on the plane, were also 100 persons from criminal care, with 2 men on each deported. Onboard were also several police officers for the handing over to Iraqi authorities, and to bring order on the flight. The person who was interviewed didn’t dare to say exactly how many people were actually on the plane. (Source in Swedish)

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