Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nabeel Shehzad, 24, Pakistani, thinks Sweden is a good place to bring up kids

Photo: TheLocal

Yes, Nabeel Shehzad, maybe if you compare with Pakistan. How can The Local be so unprofessional and ask someone who has only lived in Sweden for two years? Typical journalism by Swedish media.

The Local writes:

“Every week we ask a panel of readers to discuss an aspect of life in Sweden. This week: raising children.”

Shouldn’t it be like this instead? “Every week we ask people who only have positive things to say about Sweden…”

“good medical facilities”

Ask our eldery people.

“a low crime”

Maybe if you compare with Pakistan. If you like to continue living with your eyes closed, be my guest. But many Swedes are robbed on a daily basis, only because they’re from Sweden. That’s racism and hate crimes people never talk about.

“And the financial benefits”

For immigrants who come here and live on hard working Swedish high tax payers. Governments give good financial benefits which lessen the immigrant’s worries of bringing up kids. We understand that it makes Sweden a perfect place to bring up kids for immigrants. People like you should instead be role models, but you’re the opposite. You’re not giving us the details that you’re working; rather want to talk about the Swedish benefits.

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