Saturday, February 14, 2009

The New Sweden; Terror at Kirseberg School (Kirsebergsskolan) in Malmö

All should condemn the barbaric acts of violence that are still taking place by multicultural perpetrators. I don’t have any children yet, but they certainly won’t go in a Swedish school.

"Pistol threats, fires, violence, impounded lasers which can damage the vision. Series of crimes have been reported to the police in a couple of weeks at Kirseberg School.

The school has nearly 500 students from 1st grade till 9th grade.

“Job satisfaction and undisturbed work is important for us,” the homepage says.

Pupils are studying home, after harassments, physically abuses, egg throwing and stink bombs.

A girl was threatened with a pistol and spit on.

A janitor had to put out a toilet fire.

Two green laser pointers which can damage the vision have been impounded in the corridors.

Emergency services have carried out of false fire alarms.

The alarm equipment has been sabotaged.

“A gang have been involved in several of the incidents. They do not fit into the school or school isn’t suitable for them,” headmaster, Arne Lundström said." (Source in Swedish)

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