Monday, February 16, 2009

Rami El Mohamad ”Metro-Gustav” is on the run (again)

It is time to deport Rami El Mohamad home to where he came from. And if he is born in Sweden, then send him and his parents home, because it’s obvious that they are not able to live in civilization. As I wrote last time, unfortunately, this isn’t the last we hear from him. One shouldn’t get this many chances.

“Rami El Mohamad, born 1992-11-23, experienced bank robber and escape expert, convicted of several bank robberies is now back on the run. He escaped from Fagareds youth home in the Gothenburg area.

“We assume that he can commit more crimes,” Glenn Sjögren at the Malmö’s Police youth team says.

Rami and another boy were in the courtyard when they managed to climb over a high fence and get to a farm where they were waiting until the gates opened to let a car in. Then they could stand out in freedom.

None of the staff at the youth home noticed what happened.

Rami’s escape friend got captured quickly but Rami remains missing.

Rami has in the past without problems managed to escape from Sweden’s youth homes.

Rami also departed when he was on his first unattended permission from Fagareds youth home.” (Source in Swedish)

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