Friday, February 13, 2009

Meeting with foreigners a hard blow on self-esteem

More blunders from the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan which is also called “kind post.” The company’s headquarter is located in Malmö.

Malmö has about 300 000 residents, over 40 percent are foreigners and about 100.000 are Muslims.

As a foreigner, I learned to respect the Swedish laws and the culture, something which isn’t a truism these days.

Sydsvenskan reports: Youngsters with foreign backgrounds are often suspected and controlled by the police, researches say.

It is no doubt that people with foreign backgrounds stands for the major part of crime statistics. A part of that is a result of the discriminating judicial system, Jerzy Sarnecki says.”

How discriminating is it when 20 vicious foreigners almost killed a Swedish girl with kicks and hits? This is the Swedish judicial system. Not anyone of the vicious foreigners will be prosecuted.

It seems like almost everyone knows, except media and researches, that foreigners are the most active and dangerous criminals in Sweden.

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