Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Swedish girl victim of a racist attack

Photo: Expressen

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Is your child next?

A 21-year-old Swedish girl was beaten-up by 20 armed vicious immigrants in Södertälje. The lynch mob, who performed the racist motivated attack, will not be prosecuted.

Isn’t Sweden great when 20 vicious men almost can kill a girl, and get away with it, although she was able to leave two of the perpetrators names?

Newspapers and authorities and parties remain silent about racist hate crimes against Swedes, but they think they’re doing their job when it comes to hate crimes against Muslim fundamentalists.

At the same time, newspapers in Sweden wrote about furious Muslims and the police racist slurs in the connection with the Rosengård demonstrations in Malmö. But they didn’t write that the attack on the Swedish girl was a racist motivated attack.

Malmö and Södertälje are among the cities in Sweden that have big problems with vicious gangs and immigrants. Thousands of Swedes have already fled Södertälje.

This is how immigrants thank Swedish tax payers who have had a high cost to receive them and give support and health care, and those immigrants are not grateful.

Course of events

The girl and her girlfriend were out to celebrate her boyfriend’s twentieth birthday, when they encountered a big gang on the way home, who kicked her in the face and jumped on the chest.

An immigrant shouted “fucking Swedish whore,” and the girl answered “shut up.” After that, the gang ran into a tunnel and began to beat her up.

“I saw at least six feet at my face and then all got black,” said the girl.

“I’ve heard that I was blacked out because of the hits and the kicks, but they continued to kick me anyway. My girlfriend yelled stop, can’t you see that she’s unconscious. I could have died,” said the girl.

She was saved by six young guys, who with danger for their own lives, attacked the lynch mob. The six men saw how a girl lay in the middle of a rabble.

“Someone lifted up the girls head, another one kicked her in the face, and then they laughed about it.”

The immigrants used knuckle-dusters and kicked the young guys at their ribs.

One of the six guys, who saved her, got his eardrum pushed in.

Several of the vicious immigrants have been involved in others fights.

Expressen (Swedish second largest newspaper) censored their article, in order to hide a racist hate crime. They only wrote “Whore,” when it indeed should be “Swedish whore”.

People in Sweden are a cancer, which grows faster day by day. And the Swedes have asked for it.

Authorities urge people to take the law in their own hands. It’s time to get armed.


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