Monday, February 9, 2009

Multi culture wave sweeps over Sweden

SDS reports: Two 21-year-old men were robbed in Lund by three young knuckleheads armed with knifes and knuckle-dusters. The event occurred at 1:40 o’clock the night to Sunday.

One man tried to run away from the spot, but was pushed down to the ground by the knuckleheads.

The three knuckleheads ran away with the men’s mobile phones and money.

The police had still no trace of the knuckleheads in the morning.

SDS reports: 34-year-old man was suddenly hit hard to the ground and robbed in the central Lund at 5:30 o’clock Thursday evening

Lying on the ground, he was threatened with a knuckle-duster, which one of the two knuckleheads carried. The knuckleheads forced the man to hand over his mobile phone and ran away from the spot.

SDS reports: Tobacco shop robbed in Malmö on Sunday morning. According to the police, the nicotine junkies were armed

When the shop manager was going to open the shop about eight o’clock, three or four nicotine junkies robbed him and got away by foot with a couple of cardboard boxes filled with cigarettes.

SDS reports: Video store robbed in Malmö on Saturday evening

Two perpetrators, masked with hoods and scarves, threatened a shop assistant with a pistol. They’ve also sprayed him with some kind of spray, probably pepper spray, in the face.

It is unclear what they’ve got with them.

Skå reports: Woman robbed by pistol men in Malmö about 8 o’clock on Friday evening

The robbers ran away from the site after they had threatened the women to hand over a bag.

One of the men was masked with a hood.

Kristianstadsbladet reports: A couple in their 60s was attacked by housebreakers for the 4th time

Photo: Kristianstadsbladet

Three masked robbers attacked the couple under knife threats, in their house outside Hässleholm. They tied the couple and cleared the house on jewellery and hunting weapons. The woman was held in the house while the man was forced to drive to a cash dispenser and take out money.

The robbers, who spoke English, thought that the couple would have money home, because they were private businessmen.

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