Monday, February 2, 2009

People in Sweden are afraid of being called racists

Photo: Svein Erik Furulund/Aftenposten

If a crime is committed by a foreigner, there’s no chance you will read in the Swedish newspapers that it was a foreigner who did it. People in Sweden are afraid of being called racists. If someone posts a comment on an article, and writes the word foreigner, the comment will be censured.

Schibsted owns Swedish Aftonbladet, the Nordic countries largest newspaper.In Norway Schibsted owns the two newspapers Verdens Gang (VG) and Aftenposten, the largest and second largest newspapers in Norway.

Aftonbladet writes
Family with small children brutally robbed at their home in Oslo

“A family in Oslo was the night to Sunday robbed in their own home by four armed persons.

The robbers are at large.

The family’s two children, eight and ten years old, became witnesses to the robbery when four masked men broke into their home on Økern in Oslo and threatened the parents with knifes and pistols.
The family was held captive in a bathroom in the basement before the robbers, who are alleged to be in the 20s, disappeared with an unknown catch.”

“The perpetrators are alleged to be of Pakistani descent, but spoke good Norwegian.”

“Witnesses have told the police that the four robbers were young men, they spoke good Norwegian and were of Pakistani descent.”

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