Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The New Sweden Wednesday, Feb 4, 2009

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9:40 PM Freed of rape charge - despite DNA evidense

A now 19-year-old man is freed from the charge of attempted rape - despite the fact that his DNA was found in a bloody glove found at the site.

A 29-year-old woman was attacked in Lund, but she defended herself by biting the perpetrators thumb so hard that she lost two front teeth.

The glove could have been used by another man, the district court said.

However, he was convicted of sexual harassment at two other occasions, and was sentenced to pay 80 day-fines.

Ok, how long do you think it will take before he puts his gloves on another girl/woman?

4:13 PM A Police officer has been threatened on his leisure time in Landskrona. Three men recognized him in a café, at 4:45 PM on Tuesday. One of the men held one hand behind his back and said:

- You do not know what I’ve in my hand.

In the threatening situation, he thought they would rob him.

2:36 PM As late as last year, the police had to escort the emergency services, to make certain that they arrive safely to another ghetto (Charlottesborg) in Kristianstad.

Fire brigades were during the Christmas and New Year holidays, met with stone-throwing. Both people and cars have been targets.

1:13 PM Kristianstadsbladet has deleted all comments now. Just to protect the robber’s privacy.

0:43 PM Kristianstadsbladet has deleted the comment script on the article when a 19-year-old man was robbed on his shopping bag, in order to avoid annoying or offending others. Good chance again as the most times in Gamlegården, that the victim is from sweden and the robbers are immigrants from any Arab country. As you can see, the newspapers censorship is back in Sweden. They are guilty of a cowardly failure to address the problem.

Here are some of the comments on the article:

“All of us who live here knows what gang it is, so do the police. Eight cocksure guys, in their 15s and 16s. We are not going out when it’s getting dark. I’m threatened by them and they call me a whore every time I encounter them. It’s sad that nothing is done out here.”

“An ordinary day in the ghetto”

“Neither I nor anyone else can write what we think about one of Kristianstads ghettos, you will be deleted immediately”

“Too bad, that you can never get some more detailed information about the robbers in the Kristianstadsbladet. I’m convinced that many more crimes could be resolved if they dared to provide information about how the robbers look like, ethnicity and what language they spoke. It is very sad that we in Sweden don’t have a free press.”

“Our politicians seem to be of the opinion that the less we talk about this, or turning a blind eye to it, the problem disappears.

The politicians, red as blue, are more to blacken each others than address the problem that really exist in the community”

Ali writes “Are there any Swedish in Gamlegården?”

3:58 AM A 19-year-old man was attacked by unknown perpetrators on Tuesday evening in Gamlegården in Kristianstad. He listened to music when he was attacked from behind on the way home from a supermarket (Netto). Someone punched him in the back of the neck, but he managed to strike back with a shopping bag. In the turmoil, however, he fell over and was kicked on his legs. The perpetrators stole a shopping bag with drinks and disappeared laughing from the site. Even late on Tuesday evening, there are no suspects for the crime.

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