Saturday, March 7, 2009

What most Swedes don’t know!

Most Swedes don’t know about media’s hypocrisy. Here’s what you should be aware of.

There's one rule for the immigrants and another rule for the Swedes and it's sheer hypocrisy.

Newspapers are protecting criminal immigrants and their integrity.

This picture was taken in today’s riots against the tennis match between Sweden and Israel. Leftists and Muslims attacked the police with bombs and rockets.

Swedish second largest newspaper Expressen censorships an image when an immigrant (probably from the Middle East) is destroying a police car…

…and here is the original image from Sydsvenskan.

Here are videos from today’s riots.

Watch the video “kravaller I Malmö. Polis drog vapen.”

Notice that the behaviour in the videos is reminding of the Middle East.

00:25 in the video, a man kicks another man in the head.
01:12 in the video another man has to run away from Muslims violence. One of them says ”I will fuck your mom” and the next one says “Fuck your whole family.” This is a typical behaviour from Muslims and multiculturalism, people who don’t want to adapt into the society. People should not have to put up with it.

Is this an environment that you want your kids to grow up in? It’s time for many Swedes to wake up and open the eyes!

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