Thursday, February 19, 2009

Theatre president throws tantrum

Helsingborg’s city theatre’s president and Anti-democrat Göran Stangertz refused to go to the theatre's board meeting. Reason:

The Elected Swedish Democratic Party was present.

Note! The Swedish Democratic Party which got 10 percent of the votes is Helsingborg’s third largest party. Perhaps he voted for the Left Party which got 3 percent of the votes. That would explain the bitching.

The theatre board’s leader Tore Bryneholt disagrees and demands that Göran Stangertz attends the theatre’s board meeting even in the future:

“If the people have chosen a party then one has to accept it into the democratic family,” Tore Bryneholt says.

Göran Stangertz explanation is that he wants to stay at home when it doesn’t suit him:

“All my life I have been working for the opposite,” Göran Stangertz said.

One may recognize this behaviour from leftists; when they don’t get their way, democracy is not fun anymore.

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