Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweden and democracy

I’ve written a post earlier today about Arabs and what they think about democracy. Now it’s Sweden’s turn. People in Sweden are proud of their democracy, but is it so much to be proud of? We just choose which politician to vote for, and then they decide what’s right or wrong about everything.

There are seven parties in the parliament, the Left Party (communists), the Green party, the Social Democrats (where most of the racist are), the Centre party, the Christian Democrats, the Liberals and the Conservatives.

No of the seven parties are doing much for Swedes young as old. Pensioners are complaining that their received pension is to low, but why do they keep voting for the same party? They’ve only got themselves to blame. Money that should’ve gone to the elderly is now instead going to Sweden’s generous immigration politics.

I’ve voted for the Social Democrats and the Conservatives before, but that won’t happen again. Talk about being fold. Those who want a future for themselves and their Swedish children got to vote for the Swedish Democrats. But because the Swedes are afraid of being called racist, many don’t want to cooperate with the party. The Sweden Democrats want to maintain Sweden Swedish and not Islamized.

If everyone who claims that they are going to vote for the Swedish Democrats would do so, then the party would have 25 percent in the next parliament election. Anyhow, they’ll get into the parliament.

It is not democracy when politicians refuse to cooperate with a party that is elected by the people.

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