Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pig in chicken

Say something that doesn’t frighten the Muslims these days. For me the pigs are a cleaner animal than the Muslims. Humans are mammals.

Soon, the Muslims want to wipe you off this earth. Believe it or not, but for them all non Muslims are impure and should be exterminated.

One is not civilized if one thinks that people, pigs and dogs are impure.

"A rumor that Danish chicken meat which is exported to the Middle East, is full of protein from pigs, which is a impure animal within Islam, wakens anger and wonder in the Arab world.

The rumor about the pig chicken is based on reportage from Danish TV, and about cheat in the chicken business, it was said that it’s possible to add 40 percent water and salt to the chicken meat, propositioned that even pig protein could be used at the manufacture.

It was snatched by the newspaper al-Watan, which is writing that 40 percent of all Danish chicken has pig protein. (Svt text)"

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