Monday, February 23, 2009

The New Sweden: Weekend in Helsingborg

Do you feel like visiting Helsingborg?
Helsingborg is a town with 125 thousand citizens, in the south of Sweden. Here are just a few of the past weekend’s events there. Other examples include burglaries and knifings and much more criminality.

Where are the police and the politicians? No politician has condemned the wave of robberies. The people who voted for the parliament parties have only themselves to blame.

Elderly woman attacked in Helsingborg

Saturday evening, the police got an alarm that a 79-year-old woman had been attacked by several perpetrators. The woman was taken to hospital. The police searched after the perpetrators with a tracker dog, without any results.

Woman robbed of purse

On Monday afternoon, a woman was hit in the neck by a robber who got away with her purse.

A 19-year-old woman was brutally attacked by a youth gang on the night to Monday

She and her boyfriend were on the way home by foot when the gang started throwing snowballs against the couple. After a brief exchange of words, the woman was beaten down and received kicks to the head while she was kneeling.

The only thing the police know about the youth gang is that they were about 8-10 persons.

Five teenagers robbed man of phone

A 46-year-old man was robbed of his mobile phone in central Helsingborg, the night to Saturday.

Between three and six persons yelled at the man that they wanted his phone. When he refused, one of them showed a Soft Airgun, which made the man hand over the phone.

Man robbed of MP3-player

On the night to Monday, a man was hit from behind and robbed of MP3-player. He was only able to notice that it was three persons and that they wore dark clothes.

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