Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Malmö and Sydsvenskan heading towards brighter times

Here’s more romantic multicultural comedy from the heart of Swedens Gaza. An amusing situation!

On Sunday, Feb 15, the newspaper Sydsvenskan wrote this in an article:

“Go out and discover the city again during an evening promenade. Lighting of Malmö is steadily increasing, and more lighting is underway.

Extremely dark without Christmas lighting? Not at all. Malmö has its bright spots.

The fact is that people make pilgrimages from around the world to see how the city of light is.

On Monday, Feb 16, Sydsvenskan wrote:

“Power cuts and vandalism in Malmö

The electricity disappeared in large parts of Sofielund in Malmö shortly after 9 o'clock on Monday evening. Young gangs threw rocks, snowballs and smashed windows.”

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