Monday, January 12, 2009

Terrorist in Sweden, the police does nothing


It is no secret that there are many Muslims in Sweden and Europe. What many don’t now, there are also terrorists among them.

In a Swedish newspaper, you can read about the Palestinian Samia Maqboul, sympathizer to Hamaz. Here is what she thinks:

“I only watch Al-Jazira, they follow everything step by step, and thoroughly. Currently, it has been confirmed that 280 are dead, or martyrs as we call it.

After Hamas fired rockets from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel in recent days, Israel’s revenge did not come as a surprise. But it came unexpectedly quick and was powerful.

“You feel powerless, don’t know what to do. I’m so worried, angry and sad that I feel physically ill. The only thing we can do from here in Sweden, is to demonstrate and show our anger against Israel. We were 300 today and we will go to Israel’s Embassy and shout Israel – murderer tomorrow.”

Although I don’t know someone personally in Gaza, I’m worried about my people. I’m not Hamas, but I sympathize with them. The important thing for us is to get our own country, and I support everyone who fights to have their own country.”

You can read the article here (translated from Swedish to English with google translater).

I agree with what Alejandro Wolff (U.S. representative to the United Nations) said: If you sympathize with them, you are Hamas. So I decided to give the police a call. When I talked to a police officer, she said:

“Actually, I’m not allowed to say this, but the phone number I’ll give you should always be answered by someone. If no one is answering, you have to try again another time.”

After calling 10 times, I gave up. This is currently the general work of the Swedish police, unfortunately.

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