Sunday, January 18, 2009

New anti-Semitic attacks in London and Paris

"A short while ago Israeli press reported that a young Jew was stabbed in the Golders Green neighborhood in London, by an Arab-Muslim.

The teenager was hospitalized in serious condition."

"The other day masked thieves who attacked a young man to steal his car repeatedly stabbed him after noticing he was wearing a Jewish symbol, French Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said.

Alliot-Marie condemned the "revolting attack" and said authorities are working to find the perpetrators.

The minister said in a statement that the attackers shouted anti-Semitic threats at the man as they stabbed him four times with a knife in the attack."

I’ve no details on the man’s condition.

Some politicians condemns the anti-Semitic attacks, but what good does that do? It is easy to condemn something without doing anything about it. I wonder of course if the politicians are going to do something about these cowardly crimes, or if everybody can do what they want. OK, maybe not everybody, but the Islamists apparently can. Let’s see if Europe’s politicians continue to be afraid of the Islamists.

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