Friday, January 9, 2009

Islamists ran amok in central Oslo

Wherever the Muslims are in the world, there is stone throwing, flag burning and violence of all kinds. The “peaceful and loving religion” is nothing more than a violence-loving sect, who can’t breathe and live without the destruction of non-Muslims.

Oslo was hit by the intefadah, when a quiet and stationary demonstration in support of Israel, was attacked by “Palestinian” friends. Several policeman and others were injured.

Bottles, stones, Molotov cocktails thrown against those who supported Israel and against the police. Fireworks were shot into the crowd and among the police officers. Israeli flags were burnt.

Dagbladet witnessed how an elderly man was kicked down and beaten by 5-6 Arabs, because he had an Israeli flag.

Later, the Islamists also went to attack against the Israeli Embassy.

The goal is clear: “We will not only make your countries to Islam, we will make them to a new Middle East.”

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